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Zinc in Denture Adhesives Poisons Young and Old Alike

When considering who might benefit from learning about the zinc in denture adhesives, many people naturally think of senior citizens as being most in need of this information. While it is statistically true that a greater percentage of older adults wear dentures, zinc poisoning does not discriminate! You don’t have to be old, or in poor health, to experience the adverse effects of zinc in your denture adhesive.

Take for example the story of Elizabeth Gilley, a 26-year-old who, due to a genetic condition, had to begin wearing dentures as a teenager. By the age of 24, she could no longer walk or drive a car, all due to the deleterious effects of having too much zinc in her system over a period of several years. The zinc in denture adhesives affects the young and healthy just as ruthlessly as those more advanced in years. We can’t afford to make the mistake of identifying this as an issue which affects only the old and infirm. Ensure that your friends both young and old are aware of the problem, as well as the many zinc-free alternatives which are currently available.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you go around asking everyone you know if they wear dentures, but bear in mind that many people you know may very well have them, either full or partial. If the topic ever comes up, and you learn that someone you know is a denture-wearer, be sure to make them aware of the dangers of zinc in denture adhesives. Even though the original study linking denture cream zinc to neuropathy and other ailments was published in 2008, there is still an amazing number of people who are unaware of the harm zinc-containing denture adhesives can do to their health. Don’t let your friends be among them!

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