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Why I'm Sorry I Obeyed My Mother

In most things, we should listen to our mothers. They have the wisdom of experience, and often know us better than anyone else on the planet. But there is one instance in which I wish I had never obeyed her wishes.

My mother and I lived together for the last five years of her life. And those of you who know me from my other site, CouponFans, know that I am a rabid couponer. This made for a very good combination, as we not only economized by sharing expenses, but both reaped the benefit of my ability to score awesome deals on things we needed. Like toilet paper. And denture adhesive.

Mom was partial to Fixodent, and given the plethora of coupons generally available for it, I was able to score deals on it regularly. In fact, she still had three full tubes in reserve when she passed away (she also had a tube of Cushion Grip, but that’s another story). Little did I know I was contributing to her health problems every time I bought her another tube.

You see, Fixodent, like the other denture adhesive that has major market share, Poligrip, contains zinc. Zinc, like other heavy metals, is toxic in doses that are too large. Mom had numerous health problems in the last two decades of her life (and her anemia had plagued her for multiple decades). Not all of them could be traced back to her zinc poisoning, but many, if not most, could.

Of course, I did not know this until just a short while before she died, at which point I did my best to start correcting the problem. But by then the damage was long-done, and it was far too late to reverse the zinc poisoning which decades of denture cream use had caused (she started wearing dentures in her twenties, and was almost 80 when she died).  If I had realized this sooner, I would certainly have taken steps sooner, and perhaps even been able to give her several more good years on the planet. So I hope if you’re reading this, you’ll learn from my mistakes.

Please, if you know, or are a caregiver for, someone who wears dentures, please let them know how dangerous the “big name” denture adhesives are. Visit my FAQ and learn about the effects of denture cream zinc poisoning. Then encourage them to start purchasing zinc-free denture adhesives like Effergrip, Secure by DenTek and Cushion Grip. These are a little difficult to find in stores, but the effort of either purchasing online or locating a nearby supplier is more than worth it.

Be sure that you also encourage them to visit their doctor & discuss the measures that can be taken to reverse the effects of zinc poisoning, and the copper deficiency that often goes along with it. Zinc poisoning can be successfully treated, but only if you know that it’s zinc poisoning you’re fighting. Unfortunately, until the last couple of months of her life, Mom did not.

Just this one time, disobey your parents. You won’t be sorry you did.

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