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What if You Weren't Allowed to Reverse Your Zinc Poisoning?

I know that sounds like scare mongering, but it’s really important that I get your attention for a minute. You see, there are forces working to prevent United States citizens from the free access to vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements we currently enjoy. For starters, currently making its way through congress is a piece of legislation that could make it much more difficult for Americans to access vitamins and supplements needed for our health. It’s called Senate Bill 1310 (full text here). In addition, the FDA is preparing to begin very stringently regulating the production of supplements, such that no one but the most wealthy companies will be able to afford to produce them (full text here).

Why should you be worried about this?

At the moment, simple copper capsules like I myself take cost (TwinLab brand) about $6 if purchased from an inexpensive site like Amazon. Even less (currently 2 bottles for $4.49!) if you buy from Puritan’s Pride! But if you look at what has happened to the prices and availability of supplements in Europe since similar regulations have passed, you will likely have to pick your jaw up off the floor. Just for starters, I did some simple price checking for your edification. Here is what I found:

-DHEA, 25mg, 120 caps at $3.99 for Swanson brand.
-Pure DHEA isn’t even available on (the German Amazon site) at all; I have it on good authority (from a military friend living in Germany) that you must now have a prescription for DHEA in Germany! does offer a wild yam version, but there’s no good (read: peer-reviewed) research to support that wild yam extractives have the potency or usefulness of pure supplements.
-Another substance my friend has had trouble getting hold of is a form of B12 called adenosylcobalamine. While you or I could buy this from (it’s in this formulation, if you’re curious), she cannot get it at any cost. While this may seem trivial, I can assure you that to people who suffer from anemia due to a genetic inability to convert the standard supplement forms of B12 into the forms the body uses, it is an enormous problem.

And please don’t think that just because it’s not available on Amazon in Germany or the UK, that it’s still available elsewhere. I checked via those countries’ Google (oh, the wonders of modern computer translation!), and could not find copper supplements or DHEA supplements for sale anywhere in Germany. While this didn’t surprise me (due to my friend’s travails), it definitely scares me immensely!

And it’s the same sad story across the board with almost all supplements; availability is decreasing as Codex Alimentarius standards are being codified into laws, and big pharma companies are reaping the benefits, being the only ones allowed to distribute simple nutritional supplements. Not to mention the fact that you would have to convince your doctor that there was something wrong with you, get tested, and then finally get them to write a prescription for a simple nutritional substance like copper. Don’t get me wrong; I am all for conferring with your doctor and asking him or her to monitor you as you try to recover from zinc poisoning (whether it be induced by denture cream use or not). However, I am vehemently AGAINST having to pay big pharma the big bucks in order to get the simple copper (and whatever other supplements your doctor determines are necessary) supplements needed to assist your body in correcting its imbalances.

If you’re worried about these issues as much as I am, please educate yourself further, and make sure to write to your representatives. There is an enormously informative (albeit very long-winded) article about it here, and the NHF (National Health Foundation) makes it really easy to know how and whom to contact about this on this page. Please don’t let them take away our supplements without a fight!

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