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UPDATE: Rigident has been discontinued! There are three things you can do about this:
1. Check prices on remaining stock by clicking here. If you find any at a reasonable price, snap it up!
2. Look into alternative zinc-free denture adhesives by browsing around this site. If you liked Rigident, you may like Klutch; it has very similar ingredients. Read my review of ingredients here, or check prices here.
3. Sign the petition to bring back Rigident! I have created a petition to Church & Dwight to let them know how many people their marketing decision has affected. Please click here and sign the petition, and then email all of your denture-wearing friends (and heck, anyone else you think would be interested!) and have them sign it as well!

–original post begins here–

I never cease to be amazed by how popular Rigident is. Time and time again people come to this site in their search to find a new supplier for this denture adhesive powder (if you’re one of them, you’ll be pleased to learn that it is available online, and usually at a considerable discount, especially when buying in bulk – check here). Apparently, stores all over the country are ceasing to carry it. As I have mused repeatedly in the comments, my best guess as to why is that retailers have decided that the shelf space is better given to another product, though I’m not sure how.

As comments here and reviews on Amazon have proven, Rigident is a very popular denture adhesive. There are other denture adhesive powders on the market, most notably Poligrip (which also has good reviews) and Klutch (which has very hit-or-miss reviews). Yet Rigident maintains a following these others don’t seem to have.

One reason, I’m sure, is that it’s a powder. There seem to be many folks who really don’t like the texture or taste of denture creams, and Rigident answers both concerns – according to most it as little or no taste, and the powder form means there’s no nasty squishiness. Another reason is that it is zinc-free, as I verified for you in this earlier post. Of course, zinc isn’t the only scary ingredient ever to be put into a denture adhesive. For example, Klutch contains Methyl Salicylate, which is on a list of prohibited and restricted cosmetics ingredients in Canada, due to developmental and reproductive toxicity. Now, does this mean that Klutch is a bad product, or inappropriate? Not necessarily. But it is definitely something a consumer might want to take into consideration, especially if they are of reproductive age! Oh, and if you’re curious about it, I do have a separate post about Rigident ingredients.

I’d wager that the biggest reason Rigident has such a loyal following, though, is that it just works. As these reviews show, almost everyone has a good experience with it. While I do believe that factors like individual chemistry, the composition of your particular dentures, and how well your dentures fit all have bearing on how a given product will perform, it seems that Rigident manages to work well for a huge number of people regardless of all these factors. If you’re in search of a new denture adhesive because your old one has been reformulated and no longer works as well, or for any reason at all, you might want to give Rigident a try.

If you’ve had any personal experience with Rigident, and would like to let others know about it, please leave a comment below and share. Your fellow denture wearers thank you!

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19 comments to Rigident

  • Bonnie Tibbitts

    I have used Rigident for over40 years and I have tried everything else I HATE THE OTHER PRODUCTS!PLEASE BRING RIGIDENT BACK FOR OUR USERS>
    Please Bonnie

  • Linda stiber

    I send this product to my sister in Austria.. It works very well or she wouldn’t have me send it 4x a year. please bring it back.

  • Vickie Lee

    My parents have also used this product for over 40 years. Nothing else works for them. Why discontinue something that is not only in high demand, but works for your customers? Do you realize what it feels like to not be able to eat or even have a conversation with people with your dentures not fitting properly. This is extremely saddening to me. It’s a degrading situation you are creating.


    I too, have used rigident for almost 40 years, as well as other family members, and am so grateful to find something without oozy-ness. Now I find it’s discontinued…never easily found it in stores..only at Walgreens,CVS, and Safeway. Then ALWAYS, almost hidden on top or bottom shelf..I wrote to them about that…always feeling if they advertised it, or showed it better, people would buy it in droves. A few months ago I ordered it on-line; 3 bottles for $17.00,shipping included! Now, it’s advertised on amazon for $165.00…what IS this????? PLEASE HELP ME EXPOSE THIS…THERE MUST BE AN ATTORNEY OUT THERE WHO WEARS DENTURES AND UNDERSTANDS OUR PLIGHT….THIS CANNOT BE!!

  • Shirley Horton

    40 years for me using Rigident and now I can’t buy it. I’m in a panic!! Please bring it back. This other stuff has my gums so sore I can hardly eat.

  • Carissa Maguire

    Trying to find rigident for my grandmother and she is so frustrated. It’s the only product that works. Please bring it back, with or without zinc.

  • dave

    yeah 20 yrs i’ve used it only thing that works, got about 12 bottles left, very sad these corporations could care less about people i don’t know what i will do now wish someone would try to buy the business these jerks, there must be millions of folks in the same boat. Seems like it would be profitable with so many needing it. this Polident crap is worthless always was.

  • Linda B.

    I just don’t understand how you can do this to your loyal customers. I have used rigident for 35 years and I had bought it online for 5.99 for 1 and I bought 20 bottles after I found out you quite making it and now I go online and what they do have left is selling for $25.00 a bottle. This is just not right. Rigident is the only product that works for me and believe me I have tried them all. I am begging you start manufacturing rigident again. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mary Ann Royle

    I love rigident and am disappointed that you no longer make.. PLEASE bring it back… my teeth NEED it…some on-line sites have it for sale, it you can afford 25.00 for a 3oz bottle. I can’t afford that.

  • Mike Washburn

    I have been searching over the most of the county and have asked friends in other states. There are a lot of people howling about how nothing else works. I have an idea… about Church and Dewight selling/licensing the formula to someone else. The name has staggering product loyalty. Do the right thing. Speaking of which, those selling it for twenty five bucks a bottle should be busted for violation of the fair trade laws or something.

  • Dorothy Carr

    How can you do this to us? People like me have used Rigident for years and years and there is no oher like it. I feel like just not wearing my dentures at all if I have to use anything else.
    Now that it has been discontinued, places like Amazon and other drugstores are price gouging the hell
    out of people with the balance of Rigident they have in their inventory. Gas is cheaper at the gas pump than Rigident is in the drugstores. What a crying shame when life is so tough as it is and so many people have to pinch every dime they spend.

  • Sandra L.

    I can’t believe Rigident has been discontinued. I have used this product for 35 yrs and it
    is the very best on the market. I have got all my friends and relatives using it. This is really causing all of us great concern. Nothing and I mean nothing on the market holds your dentures like Rigident. Please bring back, I’m sure there is thousands of customers who really depend on this product. To eat and not have to worry about there dentures being lose and irritating there mouth all the time. You have to apply the other products all day long just to keep your teeth in your mouth. Please bring back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joyce J. King

    I have used Ridgident for over thirty years. Since it is no longer available, I have with much disappointment tried other powders, namely Poli-Grip and Fixodent. They do not compare. I don’t like them at all. This was, IMHO, the absolute best denture adhesive on the market. I am sure they knew what a following they had/have and how pofitable it was. I have written to the company, no response. I’m not sure selling the formula to someone else would result in the same product. There would not be a way to enforce ingredient integrity, affordability, etc. I have found this produt now on Amazon for $125.00. Talk about gut-goughing. I wonder if the owner (family) became unable (health-wise) to continue and the business closed. I just feel like this was a man who long ago came from Germany and started this business and had no one to carry on. There is no substitute. I stay hungry. Nothing else will do.

  • Mr. AL

    I have tried them all and I mean ALL!!!!! Please please please bring back this product. All the others leave a very bad taste in your mouth. Rigident does not and it also DOES NOT give a bad smell or bad breath. It is also very very easy to use at a reasonable price or what was reasonable. It would be a shame to not be able to aquire it. I have searched everywhere. On amazon I am seeing a price of $469.00 for a pack of twelve and that just is not right.

  • Put me on your petition to bring Rigident back. I wonder if there is any possibility that we could get the address of the company in Italy and order it ourself?
    This is the best adhesive I have ever used. I don’t understand why it was discontinued???
    Anyone out there know where I can get some?

  • Lou Anderson

    I have used rigident for 25 years now and NOTHING else works. I can not go without my denture because I have a job that requires me to work with the public on a daily basis. I have tried everything else out there and NOTHING WORKS!!!!!! I am tooo young to go toothless!!!! PLEASE BRING BACK MY RIGIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Are you going to bring Rigident back or not, paying ridiculous prices is not good for anyone, most people would have paid more, but the price being charged on here is ridiculous, and never know when the supply will be ended…

  • randall speirs

    I almost fell out of my chair when I saw a $499 price. As I recall it the lot of four that I bought last year ran about %25.
    Why is it being discontinued???

  • randall speirs

    Last check on the web was $499 a bottle!!!!!!!!!!
    Last year I paid $25 for a pack of four.

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