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Reversing Zinc Poisoning - Copper Supplements and Other Considerations

Many folks who have been using denture creams containing zinc are now looking to reverse the ill effects of the zinc poisoning they’ve been subjected to. Reversing zinc poisoning, if the poisoning is caught early enough, can actually be a relatively simple matter, as long as it is done properly.

The first and most important step is to visit your doctor, and confirm that you are, indeed, suffering from zinc poisoning, or hyperzincemia. This can be determined by a simple blood test. At the same time, make sure the doctor orders a test for your copper levels as well, since hypocupremia, or an unhealthfully low copper level, is a common side effect of zinc poisoning, and comes with its own set of nasty symptoms including anemia, aneurysm, skin damage and more. If you have a long wait to get an appointment with your doctor, or if your doctor simply refuses to believe that your symptoms might be caused by zinc poisoning from denture cream, please see this post about your alternative options.

Once your doctor has confirmed that your zinc levels are too high, and/or your copper levels are too low, you will undoubtedly want to change your denture adhesive to one that will not poison you further. Please reference this list of all the different denture adhesives without zinc that are currently available. There are so many options, you are bound to find one which suits your preferences and needs.

Next, your doctor can recommend copper supplementation levels that will help restore the balance of these two essential minerals. Most often this involves supplementing with copper alone. There are many high-quality copper supplements available on the market today, but not all of them are correct for all people. This is one of the many reasons it is so important to work in concert with your doctor to determine whether or not your supplementation regimen is working to reverse your zinc poisoning. That way, you can supplement, test, measure your results, and adjust as necessary. Anything less is a shot in the dark which you don’t want to be taking with your health!

TwinLab makes easy-to-swallow capsules in the popular 2mg dosage. They are a long-established company (since 1968), and are well-trusted in the industry. Thus you can be certain you are getting your money’s worth with their supplements.

Some doctors will prefer that you take chelated copper supplements. If yours recommends this route, Solgaris a long-established company (since 1947) providing chelated copper supplements.

A third option, often touted by more holistically-minded practitioners, is colloidal copper. MesoCopper is probably the best-known brand of colloidal copper on the market today. I could not find a date of establishment for Purest Colloids, the makers of MesoCopper, but I personally have been aware of them since some time in the early-mid 2000s.

One really cannot say which form of copper will be most effective for any given individual. This is why it is so important to be tested on a regular basis, and also to be aware of the various forms of copper supplements on the market. The bioavailability (the amount of a supplement that is actually available for your body to absorb) of a given supplement and your personal chemistry will have much more to do with the benefits you derive from a supplement than any dosage recommendation or marketing hype on the bottle.

Please note, I am not a doctor, nor am I qualified in any way to recommend these products as a cure for zinc poisoning. I post this merely to help those whose doctor has instructed them to supplement with copper, because finding such preparations can sometimes be difficult. Please consult with a licensed medical practitioner before beginning ANY supplementation regime, and NEVER treat zinc or copper imbalances without being properly monitored. Your health and your life depend on this!

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