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Reversing Zinc Poisoning Caused by Denture Adhesives

Have you recently become aware of how symptoms of zinc poisoning have been affecting you or a loved one who wears denture adhesives? Or perhaps you’re just concerned because you only just learned of the effects of zinc in denture adhesives. If so, don’t despair! Zinc poisoning can be halted at any time, and reversal of the symptoms is generally possible to one degree or another. Read on to learn exactly how!

First of all, make sure that you involve your doctor! You will need his or her assistance in getting tested for zinc levels, as well as for followup testing to determine how well you’re doing in reversing zinc poisoning. If you don’t have a doctor, or your appointment time is more than a month away, there are other options for testing, but be sure to find or see your doctor as soon as possible, as only he/she can guide you through the entire process. In addition, if there is any possibility that you might want to join one of the many denture adhesive lawsuits currently being formed (or bring your own suit), you will likely need the notes or even testimony of your doctor in order to win.

Once you have your doctor appointment, know what to ask for when you get there. If your doctor expresses disbelief that you may be getting poisoned by your denture cream, don’t give up! Insist that they run the tests you want, and if they flat-out refuse, find a more supportive doctor! The tests you will need run include zinc and copper levels, and iron is often affected as well, so go ahead and have that tested at the same time. Also at the same time, make an appointment to discuss your lab results with your physician as soon as possible. This way he or she can advise you on what they feel is the best way to begin reversing your zinc poisoning, should it show up in the lab tests.

Once you’ve had your initial tests, switch your denture adhesive to a zinc-free one! There are zinc-free denture adhesives for all preferences – if you prefer a dry feel, check out Klutch denture adhesive powder; others prefer creams, wafers, high-tech thermoplastics and even denture liners, so there’s no reason to put off making this vital change. Please bear in mind, however, that you should have your blood tests first, to ensure that you have documented proof of your condition before switching. Without this documentation, there will be no measuring stick against which to rate your progress!

Physicians will have varying recommendations regarding which type and quantity of supplementation to take in order to begin the process of reversing zinc poisoning. Most often they will recommend supplementation with copper, as this is the mineral commonly displaced by an excess of zinc in the bloodstream. Even so, there are many types and dosages of copper supplementation; chelates, colloids, tablets and capsules are among them. Be sure to avoid copper supplements that contain zinc, however! Also, discuss avoiding multivitamins which contain zinc, at least while you are correcting your zinc levels. If you have difficulty swallowing pills, as did my mother, be certain to mention colloidal copper, as this is a liquid form which completely avoids the issues of pill-swallowing.

Finally, be sure to schedule appointments for followup testing. You want to be sure that the steps you are taking are actually reversing your zinc poisoning, and also that you are not creating any other imbalances in the process. Testing serum levels on a regular basis is the only reliable way to ensure that your supplementation regimen is working well for you, and also gives you documentation of your recovery once you cease using zinc-containing denture adhesives, should you need that for legal or other purposes.

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