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Organic and Natural Denture Adhesives - Why Don't They Exist Yet?

I have long been a fan of the organic and natural movement. When I moved to the big city at a young age and discovered stores like Whole Foods, I thought I had found nirvana (even though at 20 I couldn’t afford to buy much :) ). But if you go into one of these stores and look in the dental care section, you will notice one glaring omission: zero kinds of organic denture adhesive. Not even a natural denture adhesive! Considering the recent debacle over zinc in denture adhesives, you would think that at least ONE of the organic or natural companies would step up to the plate, especially the big names. Tom’s of Maine? Nope. J/A/S/O/N? Nada. Heck, you’d think at least Radius would come out with an ergonomic denture brush, but still, no dice.

There are a couple of “homemade” suggestions for denture adhesive, most notably peanut butter and bubblegum, but in truth neither of these are truly natural (unless you buy natural or organic peanut butter, I suppose) Nor will they meet denture-wearers’ long-term requirements. So this is my call to action: I get a lot of readers to this site. Now, more than ever, people are in need of an organic denture adhesive, or at the very least an all-natural denture adhesive. So if you will take a couple of moments and contact the major players in the organic/natural dental industry, perhaps we can remedy this gap in the market. If they won’t…I’ve got a good mind to start experimenting. ;) Here are the links directly to the contact pages of the two product makers who take up the most shelf space in the dental care section of my local natural food store:

Jason Naturals (or you can call them at 1-866-595-8917)
Tom’s of Maine (or you can call them at 1-800-FOR-TOMS)

In the meantime, I’m still recommending Cushion Grip to anyone who will listen, as it is the only solution currently out there which contains no ingredients that might be accidentally swallowed by the user.

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7 comments to Organic Denture Adhesives – Why Don’t They Exist Yet?

  • Terri

    The only 2 “natural” products I know of are Secure and End Slip.

    Response from Michelle:

    Hi Terri!

    While I have seen these products that call themselves natural, I have found that claim to be difficult to verify. For example, among the ingredients listed for Secure Denture is Polyvinyl Acetate, also sometimes known as PVA. I’m trying to figure out where this occurs in nature…if/when I do, I’ll let you know! I couldn’t seem to find any ingredient list at all for EndSlip, so I have no way of verifying what “natural oils” they use, or if the fabric is natural (i.e. unbleached cotton or silk) rather than synthetic and/or bleached.

    Still, either of these do sound like a good choice for someone suffering from zinc poisoning. I don’t question their value for that purpose, only their claim to the “natural” moniker.

  • Ceri

    The trouble with cushion grip is that it is thermoplastic and plastics have a link with cancers.
    I too am looking for an alternative to polygrip, which i pleased to know is the least worst of waht is on offer. The first new zinc free tube seemed ti have a funny chemical after taste. I’m not sure if they have changed it a bit or i had bad batch or i’ve got used ot it. I am very carefull in all that I put into my body I eat all organic. and spend a lto of time getting the fixative out of my mouht at night. looking at the constituants I’m not sure waht all the chemicals are but if things have chemicals I normally avoid them.
    I’d like a natural fixative.

  • Mickie

    I too have been searching. I can not find Toms on the web although I saw it the other day. I was told by a lady who works for Glaxo that I should try Polygrip extra strength powder. That is free of chemicals but can not find what it is made of. Anyone know.


  • Donna

    I am new to wearing dentures. I’ve tried every adhesive out there so far. My problem is it burns my tongue and throat. I believe it’s from the adhesive in it. Does anyone have a recommendation on what I may be able to use to keep my teeth in place without the burning sensation. Thank you

  • Brynda

    I can’t use anything that contains petroleum, it causes sores in my mouth. I use Sea Bond right now, but I am getting new dentures, that will fit right, and I would love to be able to use something else! I used Fixodent for 3 years, then my mouth rebelled!

  • laurie

    Agave,shea butter,beez wax ar all natural & sticky.
    Im trying 2 develope something now that I have dentures too.

  • lilangelwings

    ANYTHING??? I too am “new” in this journey.. I am an “organic” girl all the way :)

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