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Does Rigident Contain Zinc?

UPDATE: Rigident has been discontinued! There are three things you can do about this:
1. Check prices on remaining stock by clicking here. If you find any at a reasonable price, snap it up!
2. Look into alternative zinc-free denture adhesives by browsing around this site. If you liked Rigident, you may like Klutch; it has very similar ingredients. Read my review of ingredients here, or check prices here.
3. Sign the petition to bring back Rigident! I have created a petition to Church & Dwight to let them know how many people their marketing decision has affected. Please click here and sign the petition, and then email all of your denture-wearing friends (and heck, anyone else you think would be interested!) and have them sign it as well!

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This question came up recently in the comments on my blog, so I wanted to go ahead and create a post about it so that everyone would know for sure. After all, I’m a reasonable girl; I don’t expect anyone else to spend their time searching through my comments :)

Interestingly, when the question of whether or not Rigident contains zinc first came up, I could not readily find the answer myself! I had to first hunt down the larger company which manufactures Rigident (which happens to be Church & Dwight, better known as the maker of all things Arm & Hammer). Then after closely inspecting their web site, I still could not find the answer to my question contained therein. So I finally contacted them directly, and they reassured me that no, Rigident Denture Adhesive Powder does not contain zinc. Yay! I imagine this is great news for those of you who prefer a powdered denture adhesive.

For those of you who have never tried a powdered denture adhesive, reviews are surprisingly good! I won’t try to convince you it’s the way to go, but I will say that there are many reviewers around the web who would not use ANYTHING else. More than one person appreciates the fact that Rigident doesn’t have any flavor to interfere with the taste of food and drink (unlike the many minty paste denture adhesives), and folks seem to like it mostly because it just works. Check out the reviews here and here. Just make sure you start out with the 1-pack if you haven’t used it before, so that you don’t wind up stuck with a lot of something you can’t use!

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10 comments to Does Rigident Contain Zinc?

  • Delores Stinson

    Walgreens told me that Rigident was going to be discontinued. Is this true?

  • Michelle (Zinc Free Admin)

    It is possible that Walgreens will discontinue carrying Rigident (though I certainly hope this is not the case!). However, I cannot find any evidence that Church & Dwight plan to discontinue manufacturing the product. If Walgreens does discontinue carrying it, it is still available online, at outlets such as Amazon and eBay.

  • Mary

    Walgreen’s has indeed stopped carrying Rigident. My husband uses this powder and he was able to find it in another grocery store (locally owned) in town. Unfortunately, they also stopped carrying Rigident. A call to the Customer Service for Rigident gave my husband the bad news that there isn’t a retailer within 100 miles of us that still sells this wonderful product. I guess we will have to order it online and pay shipping for it, which makes the price about twice as high as it used to be when we could buy it locally. Sigh!!

  • Michelle (Zinc Free Admin)

    I feel your pain! There are so many good products on the market which get short shrift from retailers who don’t feel it’s worth their time or effort to devote shelf space to them. I hate the automatic up-charge of having to pay for shipping from online sites, but if you know what you want (and clearly, in the case of Rigident, you seem to), you can sometimes make up for that by finding low prices and buying in bulk. Or, in the case of Amazon, you can avoid shipping altogether just by getting your entire order up over $25!

  • Pat Clark

    I appreciate the info. My mother uses this and was quite upset when she heard it was being discontinued. I will end up ordering some from Amazon but am hoping someone will start carrying it. We used to purchase it at K-Mart.

  • Jill Chamberlin

    Fred Meyer quit selling it too. I am so bummed, as it looks to be very expensive online, and this is the only adhesive I really like to use. Why have so many stores discontinued it?

  • Michelle (Zinc Free Admin)

    I’ll be honest; I can only speculate about why stores quit selling this particular item, but my background in retail at least gives me a basis for that speculation. My best guess is that it was a slow seller, with a small yet loyal customer base. They probably just didn’t move enough units to justify carrying it, and gave the shelf space over to something that moves more quickly. All those loyal customers can do now, though, is do some comparison shopping online. Generally speaking, the online sites were a better deal to start with (especially considering the free shipping over $25 aspect of Amazon), but shopping online will always be less convenient than being able to swing by the corner drug store when you run out.

  • Michelle (Zinc Free Admin)

    Hi Pat! As far as I know, Rigident isn’t being discontinued. It’s just that stores are under so much pressure from bigger brands (not that Church & Dwight isn’t a big brand, but I believe they only have the one entry in the denture adhesive market) to use their shelf space differently. Thankfully online stores don’t have to worry about pleasing merchandisers, and can continue to carry it!

  • Terry Hines

    Hi Pat! I called the 1-800 number on the Rigident container and was told it would no longer be available, Noticed is it made in Italy. The few that are available online are priced very expensive. Funny but, I noticed a few months ago that diet creme soda of any brand ia no longer available in stores and it was among the most popular diet drinks among diabetics. A phone call to several of the manufactures received the same response, which was that they no longer make it. Strange that they would all decide to stop munufacturing it at the same time. No doubt that Rigident denture retainer was the best on the market and it’s sudden lack of availabilty is very strange. I think somebody has discovered somethin and we are not being told just what it is. Thanks for the chance to comment.

  • Edith Seger

    We as adults know what we like and what we want… Leave this product alone…. There is no excuse for this kind of stupidity.

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