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Does Cushion Grip Contain Zinc?

Another query that seems to be leading more and more visitors to my site is: Does Cushion Grip Contain Zinc? Given all the hullaballo that zinc poisoning from denture adhesives is causing these days, this is no surprise.

The answer to this query, happily, is no; Cushion Gripdoes not contain zinc. Cushion Grip bills itself as a “thermoplastic” denture adhesive. While I am normally a bit leery of plastics, and especially of having them come into contact with food as its heated, I believe Cushion Grip is one of the better options when it comes to switching to a zinc-free denture adhesive.

Why? Because it’s almost impossible to swallow this stuff! It’s a rather thick substance, that really only becomes soft enough to move around when heated to the temperature of hot tap water (about 110-130 degrees, in most households). Therefore, it is not going to “melt” at the temperatures normally found in the human mouth, even when eating warm foods. This means there is almost no chance of accidentally swallowing it. So no matter what its ingredients are (though I once again repeat, Cushion Grip does NOT contain zinc), you will not be ingesting them.

Naturally, this means that the process of applying Cushion Grip to your dentures will take a bit of getting used to, and you may need to soak them in hot water for a bit when it comes time to peel it off. There are lots of reviews that help explain this process over here on Amazon. I especially recommend scrolling or searching down to the review written by the reviewer named echoscream. It gives you an excellent tutorial on how to use the product properly. It will also give you an idea if perhaps the product is simply not for you; some folks don’t want to mess with hot tap water and drying off their dentures, and for them my stand-by recommendations are Effergripand Secure Denture(also both zinc-free).

Though my mom didn’t have a chance to use this more than a handful of times, it seemed to work very well for her; I did not hear her complain so much of food getting between her dentures and gums, and she didn’t seem to mind that it worked a little differently from her old, zinc-containing denture cream. At least, I never heard her complain about it, and believe me, she was nothing if not vocal when something ticked her off. :)

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3 comments to Does Cushion Grip Contain Zinc?

  • tim

    thank you for your information including that of your mom :)

  • Michelle (Zinc Free Admin)

    You’re very welcome, Tim! I’m always glad to know that our experiences can help others.

  • Betty Davidson

    What was the reason Cushion Grip was removed from the store shelves somewhere around 2000 – 2001? I used this product for several years and I now have sensory/motor peripheral neuropathy and I am not a diabetic.

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