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Does Benzodent Contain Zinc?

Benzodent is an unique product, in that it can not only numb the pain of sore spots caused by denture abrasion, but also serve a denture adhesive (at least temporarily), due to its creamy consistency. This makes it ideal for folks who are new to dentures, and whose gums haven’t toughened up yet. It is also fantastic for folks who, though they’ve had their dentures a long time, may be experiencing temporary discomfort. I would also recommend it in cases of ill-fitting dentures, though only as a temporary fix; Ideally, you’ll want to invest in either a denture liner, or a whole new set of dentures.

Unlike most denture adhesive reviews, Benzodent reviews are universally high; even this two star rating was complaining about the service they received from a particular seller, stating that the product itself was satisfactory. The only major complaint that I’ve seen about Benzodent is that it can be a little difficult to come by. Thanks to the magic of the internet, however, it is readily available from such places as Amazon, and even .

To answer the original question, though, no, Benzodent contains no zinc. The main active ingredient in Benzodent is Benzocaine, a well-known topical anesthetic. Anbesol and Orajel both use this same compound for numbing & pain relief; Orajel, however, contains zinc, in the form of zinc chloride, so it is probably unsuitable for anyone suffering from zinc poisoning due to their denture cream. Another concern with using this product: you will want to use it sparingly, to avoid numbing your tongue!

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