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Denture Cream Zinc Poisoning Lawsuits

I’ve heard a lot about lawsuits regarding denture cream zinc poisoning. Do I have a case?

Only a lawyer can tell you for sure! For one thing, there are so many variables to determining whether or not a case is prosecutable that for me to even begin to offer advice would not only be a disservice to you, but would also probably be illegal (given that I’m not a lawyer)! One thing that I have noticed during my extensive research on denture cream zinc, however, is that there can be a really nasty catch-22 involved. That is to say, if you suspect that denture cream zinc is the cause of your symptoms, and quit using it, your zinc levels are likely to decline (and other important indicators may also return to normal, such as iron and copper levels). If you are then tested by a doctor, there will be no evidence that your blood levels of these minerals were ever out of balance. The sad fact is, this information could easily be used against you should you try to prosecute your case! Don’t take my word for it, though; just scan down to the last few sentences of this article.

Now, am I recommending that you put off your switch to a zinc-free denture cream until you can get in to see a lawyer? Absolutely not! What I am trying to point out here is the importance of having your doctor test you for these mineral imbalances before discontinuing use, and then of course following up with tests afterward as well, so that your case is well-documented by a physician, and there can be no question as to whether or not the denture cream zinc was the culprit. If you have a long wait to see your doctor, or if your doctor simply refuses to believe that zinc could be causing your symptoms, please see this post about your other options for getting tested.

The good news is, if you successfully prosecute your case, you may be eligible for reimbursement and/or compensation for medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and other items as well. If you do not personally know an attorney specializing in Personal Injury Litigation (the type of litigation that denture cream zinc poisoning would fall under), here are links to a couple of sites which can help you locate one near you:

Lawyers Guide
Nolo’s Lawyer Directory

I urge you to contact a lawyer licensed to practice in your state to find out if you have a case. Unless more people begin putting pressure on the manufacturers of products which harm us, they will continue producing poisonous products and marketing them to unsuspecting people indefinitely.

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