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Denture Cream Zinc Poisoning a Confirmed Problem by the FDA

In what will seem like old news to my long-time readers, the FDA announced earlier this month that they have confirmed cases of denture cream zinc poisoning causing nerve damage. Actually, they use the term “overuse,” but the reality for many poor denture wearers is that overuse is an everyday occurrence. Specifically, they mention that

…an excess of zinc in the body can lead to health problems such as nerve damage, especially in the hands and feet. This damage appears slowly, over an extended period of time.

Overuse of zinc-containing denture adhesives, especially when combined with dietary supplements that contain zinc and other sources of zinc, can contribute to an excess of zinc in your body.

Nothing earth shattering there. In fact, I’m somewhat disappointed that they are not yet admitting that even normal use can lead to these issues over time, as was the case for my mother. They also wisely note that

In most cases, properly fitted and maintained dentures should not require the use of denture adhesives. Over time, shrinkage in the bone structure in the mouth causes dentures to gradually become loose. When this occurs, the dentures should be relined or new dentures made that fit the mouth properly. Denture adhesives fill gaps caused by shrinking bone and give temporary relief from loosening dentures.

Again, not really news to folks who follow this site. After all, I’ve been recommending that folks use an inexpensive, at-home denture reline kit for ages. While I’m sure every denture wearer would love to have a fresh new set of dentures every year or two, it simply isn’t financially feasible for most.

So if you’re still using a zinc-containing denture adhesive, please stop! Switch to a denture cream without zinc, such as reformulated Poligrip or Secure Denture.

Better still, switch to a more natural form of denture adhesive. Since many folks’ old favorite Rigident was taken off the market, I’ve been recommending Klutch as a close second, since it contains ingredients you can actually pronounce and understand!

So while I’m happy the FDA is finally moving to make recommendations based on the claims of denture cream zinc poisoning in the medical literature, I feel they still have a long way to go. The best way I can think of to get this point across to them would be to have everyone who has suffered damage due to the zinc in their denture adhesives use this form to report to them their story to the FDA.

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