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Denture Cream Without Zinc - An Update

I’ve been focusing on denture adhesive powders a lot lately, mostly because that seems to be what I get the most questions about. However, I realize that there are still a lot of people using denture creams. Although I’ve posted in the past about various denture creams separately, and as they’ve gone zinc-free, this site has been lacking a single, comprehensive post about your options when trying to choose a denture cream without zinc – until now! The three shown below are the best, as ranked by the folks who use them. I encourage you to click on them and check out their review pages for yourself, since the ratings shown on this page are accurate as of the date of this post, but may very well change over time.

Highest-Rated Denture Creams Without Zinc

First up is my old favorite, Effergrip. Why is it a favorite? Primarily because they’ve been zinc free for years (possibly forever; I’m having difficulty locating current ingredients, much less historical ingredient listings). It’s also a favorite because it is the most highly ranked denture cream without zinc. Of course, it is possible that it contains other ingredients which have their own hazards; all I can say for certain is that when I get to the bottom of their ingredient list, my readers will be the first to know!

Next we have Secure Denture Adhesive. While they once marketed themselves as a “natural denture adhesive” I see they have mostly removed that branding from their web site – and rightly so. Their product contains Polyvinyl Acetate, which they now admit is a fully synthetic substance. They state that they do this for quality purposes – to achieve a standardized product – which is a reasonable choice. I could find no evidence that Polyvinyl Acetate is detrimental to human health. In fact, it is listed as a permitted additive by the FDA, both for chewing gums and for “drug mixtures which are exempt from certification.” Secure insists that this ingredient is totally inert, so for now I’m giving it the benefit of doubt and calling it an acceptable risk.

Zinc-Free Super Poligrip. This has been reformulated in the past year to remove the zinc which triggered so many lawsuits. While it’s a bummer that lawsuits had to be brought in order to get them to remove a potentially harmful ingredient, the net result is good. While it still contains ingredients which have scary chemical-sounding names (the only way I’ve found around this problem thus far is to go with a powdered denture adhesive, like Rigident), it is one of the older and more popular brands in the industry, so I am glad to see them putting out a full line of denture cream without zinc. Given its popularity, it’s available on almost every store shelf (as well as online here), so the fact that they’ve removed the zinc can only be a good thing.

If you’re wondering why “the F word” (that is, the major brand of denture cream on the market which begins with an “F”) is not listed here, it’s for a very good reason: they have not changed their formulation to exclude zinc – and it appears that they have no plans for doing so! I don’t even want to mention their brand name here, lest they get a “good rep” by being associated with this site. I think it’s shameful that even in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence and legal pressure, they refuse to admit that the zinc in denture cream could be a health hazard. I’m hoping that perhaps someday there will be legislation forcing them to clean up their act.

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1 comment to Denture Cream Without Zinc – An Update

  • Tom T

    Looked up ingrediants on Effergrip and found no less than four hazardous materials listed on Pfizer`s Material Safety Data Sheet. Listed on Effergrip`s own web site is Titanium Dioxide a known
    carcinogen and skin irritant and in checking the chemicla on google found a MSD sheet that will
    send shivers down your spine. No wonder you can`t find it in stores anymore.

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