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Denture Cream Reviews - Zinc Free Only

As I was browsing my local superstore the other day, I checked in on the denture cream aisle, and was pleased to find that Zinc Free Super Poligrip had hit the store shelves, (it is also available from online retailers). In fact, even when I checked the store brands and other brands available, almost all of them touted having gone zinc-free. The lone holdout appears to be Fixodent…a shameful position for them to be in, for sure.

I know there are lots of people who have been using Poligrip for a long time, and the question they now have is, is the new product as good as the old one? So far, the reviews are mixed. But (as of this writing) that link only reflects two reviews; it generally takes more than that to make or break a product. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any other sites that have so much as a single review posted. Still, if you’re a big fan of the Poligrip brand, it’s probably worth a shot to see if your old favorite’s new formulation is going to work for you.

There are other brands, however, with numerous positive denture cream reviews. Effergrip’s reviews are positive, and Secure Denture’s Reviews are more good than bad. Alas, that pretty much sums up all of the true denture creams out there that are zinc free. There are other products available, of course, such as powders and wafers, but I will save the reviews of those for a different post.

I will mention one other product, however, and that is Cushion Grip. While it is not what one would generally consider a “cream,” it does come in a tube, and is used in a similar manner; it simply lasts longer than a cream, and doesn’t wash off like denture creams. This is because it’s actually made from what’s called a “thermoplastic compound,” meaning that it is a plastic with different properties depending upon temperature. In plain english, it means you warm it up to a bit higher than mouth temperature to make it soft enough to work with, then once you’ve bitten into it with your gums, it cools, forming a solid suction seal that won’t wash off, even with exposure to liquids. This makes it a dream come true for all those denture wearers who have had endless trouble with their adhesives washing away as they eat soup or drink coffee. The confidence this seal inspires, as well as the fact that it only needs to be re-applied every four days, is usually more than enough to offset the small amount of additional time it takes to soak the denture in warm water in order to remove the adhesive. But don’t take my word for it – read these reviews, and make sure to take notes – many reviewers offer very helpful tips on how to make the most of this great denture adhesive! Also, bear in mind that you simply cannot accidentally ingest this product – which puts it light-years ahead of all other denture creams in terms of safety.

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  • Rayburn C. Hall

    I live in Chattanooga and in the last ten years, stores carrying effergrip has dried up. I have had to travel a 30 radius to purchase the product from grocery, drug, walmart, and discount stores.I asked different stores to carry it and they never stock their shelves with it and have no explanation to why not. I am down to ordering it on line. I have a cleft palate and I have to used adhesive to keep my uppers in place. And I have tried all the other brands and they cause a bad taste and make my food taste bad.

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