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Denture Adhesive Powders Without Zinc

It seems that many folks visiting my site these days are interested in Denture adhesive powders, rather than other useful information like denture cream reviews. If you’re new to the site, you may not know that I’ve already covered Rigident in detail (in this post) and also confirmed that Rigident contains no zinc. Shortly after I did so, however, the folks who make Rigident decided to discontinue production!

If you are a big Rigident fan, you’ll probably want to do the following things:
1. Check prices on remaining stock by clicking here. If you find any at a reasonable price, snap it up!
2. Sign the petition to bring back Rigident! I have created a petition to Church & Dwight to let them know how many people their marketing decision has affected. Please click here and sign the petition, and then email all of your denture-wearing friends (and heck, anyone else you think would be interested!) and have them sign it as well!

Of course, if you never used Rigident, you’ll probably never miss it, so I wanted to spend some time talking about the other zinc-free denture adhesive powders available, at least on the American market. I’d love to cover international products eventually as well, but since the majority of my traffic is still coming from the US these days, I’ll start here at home. :)

The first name that sprang to my mind is Klutch, since I had recently done a little digging to find out about its ingredients. As I did so, I discovered that aside from the no-longer-available Rigident, it had the least scary-sounding list of ingredients. I also saw that its reviews were more good than bad. I suppose like any denture adhesive, there will be some for whom it does not work. Fortunately, there are those who swear by it. I am always happy when a product with relatively benign ingredients actually works! It always makes me feel better about recommending it (though if I were to begin wearing dentures tomorrow, I’d probably try it even if the reviews were less than favorable. I have learned the hard way that what we put into our bodies makes a HUGE difference in our health!). And as you would expect from any adhesive featured on my site, it is completely zinc-free. In doing my research, I also learned that this brand has been on the market for over 70 years. I would think that no product would survive for so long if it didn’t work (and work well) for the vast majority of its users! You may check prices on Klutch by clicking here.

Another powdered brand I took a good long look at is Poligrip Denture Adhesive Powder. Actually, I think its full name is “Extra Strength Super Poligrip Powder,” but since there is no regular strength adhesive powder put out by Poligrip, I don’t feel too bad shortening the name. :) That said, the name isn’t the only thing that’s long about this product. One of its ingredients, in particular, was long-winded and a bit difficult to research (poly(methylvinylether/maleic acid)). Still, it contains no zinc, and its reviews are, as of this writing, all positive. I imagine this is due in part to the fact that Poligrip is a better-known brand in denture adhesives, so it undoubtedly has more users than Klutch. Still, there is something to be said for a company that puts out a product which works, AND contains no zinc, regardless of the pronounce-ability of their ingredient list. You can have a look at the reviews by clicking here, or check pricing on different sizes (single vs. multi-packs) by clicking here.

Finally, I ran across a product called Super Wernets, or sometimes also known as Poligrip Ultra Wernets. While I found this a bit confusing at first, I finally discovered that the Poligrip Extra Strength mentioned above, and Super Wernets, were both made in Ireland, and had the same ingredients. Apparently Super Wernets is (or was; there is some disagreement over whether the product is still made under that name) the same product, made at the same factory, and owned by the same parent company. The only difference I could confirm between Super Wernets and Poligrip Extra Strength powder was the name. My best guess is that they manufacture it under one name for sale in some areas of the country (or world), and under the other name in other areas. Nothing so groundbreaking about that, but it can certainly be a bit confusing for those of us who might once have been big fans of Super Wernets, only to watch it disappear from store shelves, all the while not realizing that its twin sister was sitting right next to us in the form of Super Poligrip! If you really prefer the Wernet’s name (or if you just want to compare pricing between Ultra Wernet’s & Poligrip), you can check pricing here.

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1 comment to Denture Adhesive Powders Without Zinc

  • Warriorwitch

    Yes, Ridgident was best. and Yes, it seems INSANE to discontinue it. I am miserable enough as it is, just HAVING to wear these damn things, w/o them needing to be glued every damn time I put ANYTHING in my mouth to eat! Never mind to just speak! I find something that’s at least made it tolerable -then they TAKE IT AWAY! Cruelty to the tenth degree!

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