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About Me

I have learned that there are many people out there searching for information on zinc-free denture adhesives. I myself did not know about zinc poisoning caused by denture adhesives until a few months ago, when I saw an ad on television for one of the class-action lawsuits that is going on (I’ll admit, I don’t watch much TV). But when I did learn about it, I was appalled, because I recognized several of the symptoms as ones that my mother had suffered from for years.

Mom was 78 then, and had been using denture adhesives for over 45 years, so it was no surprise that she was showing these signs. I immediately began my own research into what denture adhesives she could use that would not add to her level of zinc poisoning. Although mother has now passed away, I still consider this to be an important issue, so I have created this site to hold all the information I can find about it. If you would like to be receive updates about this site as it grows, please add your information to the list below.